24 July 2012 @ 01:27 pm
Ok had to post for a number of reasons. One I've not posted for waaaaay too long, two to say THIS is how you do Catwoman right!!!!

Absolutely LOVED the Dark Knight Rises, spectacular end to a great trilogy, further chat and of course spoilers under the cut.

No seriously, SERIOUS Spoilers under the cut )

In other news, thanks to the lovely [ profile] veritas_st I am now addicted to Teen Wolf. I managed to get through the first season on sheer force of will and due to the love of Stiles who now owns my soul and of course Derek/Stiles (Come on it's me, you think I'm going to fall in love and not have a ship!!!)

But second season has been surprisingly good, it has character development, a great cast that just keep getting better and unlike my old boyfriend that I still have a massive crush on (Supernatural) it doesn't kill off all the ladies. AWESOME

So any of the lovely people on flist TW fans?