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mrstotten ([personal profile] mrstotten) wrote on October 16th, 2011 at 10:46 am
Merlin eps 1 to 3 my thoughts and ramblings
Ok is anyone watching the new season? and if so

Come and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with me ( for [ profile] maharet83 who demanded more words :)

Ep 1 - I loved loved loved Merlin in this but was a bit disappointed that they shoved the Merlin and Arthur relationship way back, nothing to do with slashiness but they have spent 4 years together, fought, bled and almost died together but when Merlin collapsed Arthur looked more annoyed than worried. The ending however, omg, the talk, the admittance that no matter how much he jokes Merlin is brave and loyal and you just saw Merlins actions bloody coming!!!! My son was not a happy chappy at this point, but great cliffhanger. Major downside is their insistence in turning Morgana into a poor imitation of Cruella De Ville. She cared about all these people once is there nothing left of the Morgana that we once knew, just this shallow vapid woman with no soul and the ambition to get the crown, even her actions with killing the one person we know she still loved there was no breakdown nothing, way to downplay and destroy a female character with massive potential guys

Ep 2 - LANCELOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he owned my soul in this ep and I saw what was coming a mile off but still. Damn this is why I love Merlin and the whole Arthurian legend. yes the slashiness is fun and even in Lancelot's actions and his behaviour with merlin a slash motive could most definitely be analysed but DAMN it is the loyalty and the bravery and the insistence in fighting and sacrificing for something better. It is is every fairy tale we tell our children in the hope they see something better, this is why I love this. At the heart of his actions I don't believe Lancelot sacrificed himself because he loved Merlin Gwen I believe he saw what the dragon saw in Merlin, a true hero, a person who will think nothing of sacrificing himself for the greater good and he aspired to be like that and in the end proved he was the bravest and most worthy of them all like the dragon said :) I am still holding out hope that he is coming back cos they need him, Camelot needs him (and of course Gwen will need him when A realises his true love for Merlin. :P) again have to register my complete disgust for their treatment of the only two female characters, Morgana is still a 1d evil witch with no character development whatsoever, and Gwen has turned into a wet nurse, even the scene where she argued the villages case didn't do it for me. Gwen is BETTER than this Morgana is WAY better than this, BBC you have two freaking AMAZING female actresses on your payroll and you need to get your act together. I am still watching because it is Merlin and I love the legend and I love the characters and at times you guys nail it but just registering a big I AM NOT HAPPY

Ep 3 - Ok after the epic level of the first two I was expecting something ok, but back to light-heartedness because that is what Merlin does, it gives us a couple of episodes that stir your blood and rip your heart out and then jumps back to jokes and laughter and just meh but omg guys you floored me with this one!!! Uther is DEAD, seriously!!! I knew it would come one day, but today and like this, hell no I was so expecting something else, I was waiting for the last minute reprieve!!! but this ep, it just delivered the punches one after another.

Uther standing in the way of Arthur, being a father for the first time in a long long time.

Arthur - god if Merlin wasn't here he would have owned me in this episode. His heartbreak and absolute determination to save Uther, his embracing magic, his fear and ultimately his anger and grief, it is the most real Arthur has seemed to me in a long long long time

Merlin - OMG merlin you own my soul, his determination to save Uther to get magic back in Camelot, a look underneath the surface to see behind the smiles and realise just how much keeping this secret is costing him!!! OLD MERLIN!!!! is ♥ his grotchety temper and smiles and wickedness, and climbing on Arthur's back and playing giddy up and then the total heartbreak and confusion in his eyes when it didn't work!!! Merlin is now in a far worse position than ever before, all of a sudden it is not Uther a man he barely respects or acknowledges at war with everything Merlin stahnds for, it is Arthur, someone he loves, someone he trusts, respects and someone Merlin NEEDS in his life, now this is not from a slash viewpoint all slashing aside their is a bond between them, Merlin loves Arthur, would die for Arthur, would KILL for Arthur and now Arthur and not Uther is the enemy, it will be interesting to see this play out now.

Morgana - for a moment, just a brief one as she lay on that bed, sad and almost broken it was like having the old Morgana back but it slipped back :( but it has risen my hope.

The development of the A/M friendship, Merlin sitting all night outside that room just so Arthur wouldn't be alone, that moment of honesty between them as they acknowledged the depth that their friendship and the end omg the END!!!! seriously this is why I don't believe in the A/G relationship, it is not because I don't love Angel she is gorgeous and if we had Season 1's Gwen I would ship it like MAD but seriously the tearful smile and pretty long live the king and then Merlin's FIERCENESS !!! like I mentioned earlier these weren't empty words said at a coronation this was MErlin pledging his devotion, his magic, his life and his death at the hands of this man and making sure that the king stays alive, now and always PERFECT ending

Long Live the KING!!!!

Now over to you guys, thoughts so far?
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