16 February 2015 @ 11:11 am
Dipping my toe back in......  
Ok, so spent the weekend trawling my old LJ and realised how much I missed fandom. I have met some of the most amazing people EVER within fandom and count some of them as my closest friends now, and thought, no what I'm gonna jump back in.

Quick update on me, currently running an IT company with some great, but also crazy people who may show up from time to time with names changed to protect the innocent. I am working on my MBA, not written anything in a LONG LONG time, but hoping I may again. Currently got some ficlets that I started for my lovely Verity's birthday.

My baby boy is now nine! and still fills my days with light and laughter :)

Fandom wise, I have fallen back in Love with SPN, although I no longer expect great things, it has pretty boys who are pretty and now uses fanfic as storylines so \o/?? I fell in love with Sterek and although TW itself is disappointing me, the pairings doesn't. Rereading Harry Potter and some HP fic. Love Love Love The Good Wife. Still liking Scandal, and fallen in love with Once Upon a time. Random loves that still come to me include BTVS, Angel, Bones, Merlin, QAF, Glee, SGA, Arrow.

Pairings I still love like breathing, McShep, Sterek, Buffy/Angel, Harry/Draco, Superhusbands. Pairings I still like or can still read. Booth/Brennan, Will/Jack, Dean/Cas, J2??

So over to you guys... whats been happening with all of you??
Current Mood: excited