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mrstotten ([personal profile] mrstotten) wrote on July 24th, 2012 at 01:27 pm
Ok had to post for a number of reasons. One I've not posted for waaaaay too long, two to say THIS is how you do Catwoman right!!!!

Absolutely LOVED the Dark Knight Rises, spectacular end to a great trilogy, further chat and of course spoilers under the cut.

Loved the film, thought JGL was amazing and was totally not surprised by the reveal at the end, in fact both Hubby and I twigged early on that they were doing a Batman Beyond/Batman of the future set up. Which led to great worrying as my son does not handle death of characters well and Batman is his favourite superhero alongside Captain America so yeah that was not good, cue explosion and a little face crumbling and sobs being heard throughout the cinema for a good ten minutes. Then of course I didn't help when Alfred was standing crying at the Wayne's grave about how he 'let them down' and I started with the sobbing and hubby desperately whispering 'You're not helping' but anyway we then saw the cafe scene son calmed down, I calmed down and we saw JGL become new Batman and cue sons cheers of how now he can save Gotham and Batman/Catwoman can save the rest of the world.

But yes brilliantly film, wish we could have had an appearance by Tom Hardy as rest of the crew from Inception were there. both female leads were fantastic, if the reveal was a little James Bondy!! the cinematography was outstanding, the scope of the film fantastic, the characters were real and flawed and awesome and I even kind of tolerated Bale.

Fantastic move, would highly recommend.

In other news, thanks to the lovely [ profile] veritas_st I am now addicted to Teen Wolf. I managed to get through the first season on sheer force of will and due to the love of Stiles who now owns my soul and of course Derek/Stiles (Come on it's me, you think I'm going to fall in love and not have a ship!!!)

But second season has been surprisingly good, it has character development, a great cast that just keep getting better and unlike my old boyfriend that I still have a massive crush on (Supernatural) it doesn't kill off all the ladies. AWESOME

So any of the lovely people on flist TW fans?


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