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mrstotten ([personal profile] mrstotten) wrote on October 31st, 2010 at 05:25 am
Lj Idol - Week 0
I remember being told once in one of my lit classes that the best way to get a feel for a character you wanted to write was to think of five things they would carry in their handbag or satchel. Now no-one here wants to see the inside of my handbag, trust me on that one. First of all because it hasn’t been cleaned, sorted or organised since 1991 and second of all it is a scary place where most hands dread to venture in case they don’t come out alive. But I liked the five things idea so instead I am going to talk about five things that mean a lot to me and hopefully they will give some insight into my crazy world :D

Wee Robert

This is my son and the light of my life. He came into the world on the 19th December 2005, four months earlier than he was supposed to arrive. He spent one hundred and twenty one days in the hospital and gave us plenty of scares along the trip. Since coming home he has gone from strength to strength and started school in August this year. He is a bright, original loving wee man who wants to grow up and be a Ninja Archaeologist. He makes me laugh, he makes me think and he generally lights up my whole world.


This is my homeland and one of the great loves of my life. I love holidays, love travelling and discovering new things and seeing amazing sights but no matter where I go, nothing beats coming home and smelling that crisp, clean air that is so uniquely home. It is green and wet and dreich, and although the language spoken is English, it is unique enough to sounds like something else entirely. It is filled with some of the best (and worst) people in the world, it has life, and architecture and history, but most of all, it is home.


I know I covered my son already but as he is only one piece of the amazingly wonderful family I have surrounding me I had to go into some more detail, from my wonderfully beautiful and brave mother who humbles me every day with her strength, to my amazing husband who keeps me going no matter what life throws at me, but then there is my extended family, a wealth of cousins and friends who have become family through trials and hardships, I have been truly blessed to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people in my life.


Books are a part of me. From my earliest memory of sitting with a picture book in my lap in the shade of a tree in my back garden in one of Glasgow’s rare sunny days, to reading bedtime stories to my little brother, I have had a lifelong love affair with books. On my most recent trip to hospital I spent the majority of my time complaining about not having anything to read even though I went through four books in five days. In regards to what I will read there is no method to the madness. I love the fairytale fantasy of Narnia and Middle Earth to the dark humour of Good Omens, the epic beauty of Paradise Lost to the simple fantasy of the Anne girl stories. I will read block busters, romance ‘thinky’ books, horror, young adult, comedy, fantasy, sci fi, you name it and if it has words, I’ll read it.


Fandoms are a huge love for me. I have a fairly addictive personality, when I love something be it a book, an idea or a tv show I LOVE it with every inch if my soul. I’m not satisfied with just watching it each week or reading it once. I read and reread, watch and rewatch, then I come online and devour fanfic, meta, communities, discussions. I think sharing my love with others allows me to see things I never saw on my first viewing or reading, fanfic allows me to explore places the story could have gone but didn’t and has introduced me to some amazing writers that blow me away. Fandom has also brought me some of the best and most wonderful people I have ever known.

So this is me, or at least a small part of me, I really hope you all stick around to learn more in the coming weeks.


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