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mrstotten ([personal profile] mrstotten) wrote on October 2nd, 2011 at 07:36 pm
Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell
Ooooo I like this one. Ok once upon a time I did keep my LJ a secret, and my love for fandom a secret, never really sure why, partly because I wanted something for me and also partly because I wasn't sure what people who had never been involved in, or were even aware of what fandom was would think of my love of squeeing over TV Shows and writing fanfic (especially slash fanfic because so many people still don't get the fascination) Then one day I was lying on the couch cuddling with hubby and he casually said "So I read your gay porn the other day" This led to me choking on my tongue then a long discussion about it and since then I thought know what if the person closest to me knows and has no problem, who gives a toss about anyone else. This has opened up my life in a number of ways, one it means I have people outside fandom to discuss fandom with, which is FUN, yes you still have the odd person who just doesn't get it, and my hubby still doesn't get my fascination with slash fic, but some of the discussions we have had about it have been bloody brilliant. two I have shared my writing with people I wouldnt have before and three, fandom friends have come to stay with me, and I have gone to visit them to the extent that my fandom life and my 'real' life have crashed and collided together. The people I text and email every day are a mix of fandom friends and local friends. My family know of and love some of my closest friends. My hubby personally thinks [ profile] autumn_lilacs with her love of drag racing and ability to make a working car out of two bobby pins and a piece of thread is amazing. He thinks my treehouse goddess girls all sound nuts but very funny and that [ profile] nachekana is a special kind of crazy. My sister in law thinks my hockey loving wifey [ profile] faithbeckett and the NY dream chasing and florida native [ profile] sablier_bloque sound awesomely cool and that [ profile] veritas_st and [ profile] dreamersdare are the coolest people to ever be stuck in a blizzard with and my little boy thinks his auntie V [ profile] veritas_st sounds like but is prettier than Kate Middleton and is like a Princess cos she is English. So I have to admit I am more than happy that my LJ is my worst kept secret as it has opened up my world and relationships in a very unique way. Also in closing for those that do want to keep their LJ a secret, don't use a name people associate with you, google brought me up in my hubbys first search :P
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