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RPS Fic and Merlin Uploads
Ok I blame this totally on [ profile] yvonnereid but hey it got me writing again. Oh and Merlin is back again tomorrow yay, if anyone on my flist wants the eps uploaded give me a shout.

Title A picture is worth a thousand words
Pairing Gale/Randy (RPS) mentions of Wincest and some Vampire Diaries incest
Rating NC-17
Words 1,000
Summary “Wait how come you know what vampire diaries is? You watched vampire diaries….seriously”

Totally unbetad, but cheered on by the always wonderful [ profile] veritas_st yay V I wrote something

“So what does it say then?” Randy asked as he stood behind Gale who seemed to be buried in over a thousand newspapers.

He bounced on the balls of his feet a couple of times before dropping a quick kiss on Gale’s head and taking the seat next to him shifting it slightly so that he could lift his toes onto Gale’s lap ignoring the raised eyebrow Gale sent his way as Randy's toes wiggled in Gale's lap smiling as he felt a distinct shift Gale’s dressing gown as his cock started to harden at the unexpected titillation.

Gale went with it, shifting slightly, his voice rough. “Well so far general feeling is it is better than the Vampire Diaries and weaker than Supernatural.” He continued with a shake to his head, a confused frown on his face. “What the fuck is Supernatural?”

Randy smiled sinking slightly lower in his chair, to give his feet better access. “You know that show with the two brothers who are abnormally hot and fight ghosts after their mum is set on fire?”

“The two that are fucking?” Gale answered, his hand curling round Randy’s ankle, his thumb rubbing softly over the soft skin at Randy’s heel, causing a frission of sensation. “They are not fucking, they are supposed to be brothers.” Randy replied his voice ending on an almost breathy groan as Gale’s hand slipped up his calf, ending it's travels mid thigh.

“And this stops them fucking why?” Gale asked, an almost wicked smile spreading across his face as he moved slightly, pushing his cock against Randy’s feet at the same time as his fingers danced across the soft skin on Randy’s thigh. “What? it is a fictional TV show”

“Anyways, that is Supernatural.” Randy replied, cursing himself for the breathlessness of his voice as he fought the urge to end the flirting and just sink to his knees and take Gale’s cock in his mouth. “Wait how come you know what vampire diaries is? You watched vampire diaries….seriously”

Gale’s eyes had drifted close, his hips continuing to move against Randy’s foot. “What?” He replied half-heartedly. "It was actually ok, well once they stopped making moony eyes at the girl and the brothers started fucking.”

“They weren’t fucking” Randy replied, ignoring the wicked smile Gale sent his way, trying to win back some control by pushing down on Gale’s cock, smiling as Gale groaned, his head falling back and eyes slipping shut again. “They weren't, and where did this newly acquired incest kink come from anyway?”

There was no reply from Gale and Randy smiled, removing his feet, silencing Gales alost instinctive protect by climing into his lap and wrapping his arms around his neck. “Anyway,” Randy continued in between soft wet kisses on Gale’s neck. “As much as I know you were worried, I wasn’t talking about the reviews. You were amazing, as you always are, anyone that doesn’t see that is a fucking moron. I was talking about the piece in Variety about us.”

"Ah," Gale smiled at Randy. “Well of course you were,” he answered his hand coming round to cup Randy’s ass pushing him into a slow steady rhythm, their cocks rubbing against each other.

“So what did it say,” Randy asked, gasping as Gale moved his right hand and wrapped it around Randy’s cock, the pressure warm and hard, making Randy’s head swim. “Are we fighting again? Have we ruined the hopes of a reunion with our all abiding hatred?”

Randy waited, the silence stretching on as Gale’s hand continued to move on his cock, drawing almost shameless whimpers from Randy’s lips.

“Nah,” Gale replied, his voice casual as if he was still sitting reading his newspaper and sipping orange juice. “We are fucking like bunnies again.”

“Thought we might be,” Randy gasped out, his whole body feeling strung tight, balancing and waiting for just the right amount of pressure before exploding.

“Well what did you expect Randy,” Gale continued “When you allow an NYC pap to photograph to catch you coming out of my apartment, wearing the same T-shirt I wore the day before.

“Who said I got caught?” Randy gasped.

“So you wanted them to see?” Gale asked, his voice rough, the dark blown look of his eyes finally letting Randy see that he was nowhere near as unaffected as he had been pretending. “You want the whole of New York to know that you left my house, wearing my clothes, knowing that you just spent the night in my bed, my cock buried in your ass.” Gale asked, the last words as almost murmurs, as his hand moved faster and faster on Randy’s cock, and Randy knew there was no going back.

He buried his head in the crook of Gale’s neck, groaning as he came all over Gale’s hand. It was several minutes later before he managed to look up, his face creasing into a smile at the look of almost heart-breaking fondness on Gale’s face.

This was what had made everything worth it, the lost friends, the broken relationship, shifting his entire life to be with this man that Randy hadn’t even been 100% sure was gay. It wasn’t the fact that Gale could make him groan or even scream if the mood took him. It was moments like these when Randy knew, without a shadow of a doubt that there was nowhere else in the world that Gale would rather be.

“So you feel like shoving it on again?” Gale asked with a smirk.

“What?” Randy asked confused.

“My NYC shirt, it is on my bed, which is where I want you to be, right now wearing that, only that.”

Randy bit off a grin, tucking his lower lip in between his teeth. “Yes sir,” he replied cheekily, ignoring Gale’s growl as he half pushed, half carried him into the room.

Yeah, that NYC T shirt, so worth the money.


Inspired by this pic which to me was worth a 1000 words :)

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